Grade 8

Transcontinental Railroad Worksheet

  • This worksheet gives an excerpt about both the Chelsea Milling Company and the railroad that runs through Chelsea. It asks students to analyze this information and think critically about the benefits that would have arisen from the implementation of the railroad.

Farmers Oral History worksheet

  • After viewing the first few minutes of the Farmers Oral History Documentry, students will be instructed to read the excerpt on the worksheet and respond to the questions listed. The questions, along with the excerpt, will help the students understand how agriculture production has changed over time.

Farmers Oral History response

  •  Prior to playing the Farmers Documentary, have students read this worksheet. This will prime the students for the video and will help them understand what they are to look for and comprehend during the video. After playing the documentary, instruct the students to complete the response based on what they learned. This response will help students think deeper about the material covered in the video and how it could relate to their lives.