In the 1950s, Chelsea High School journalism students published “The Bulldog Barks,” a student newsletter.  This paper, as one might expect, covered the school events, featured students, and reported the scores of athletic games.  However, it also devoted an impressive amount of space to the biggest issue facing the school: chewing gum.

The reasons behind the no gum chewing rule were laid out in the March 11, 1952 edition of “The Bulldog Barks.” 


Though the reasons behind the rule seem reasonable, that doesn’t stop chewing gum from being the center of three of these listed pet peeves of the September 23, 1952 issue.


Chewing Gum was also an issue at the Junior High School, as noted by this snarky signed editorial on the Junior High News Page on October 27, 1953.


These articles are just three out of a countless number that deal with the controversy around the chewing-gum rules.  It is, without a doubt, the most represented topic in “The Bulldog Barks.”