Fall Means Football — 1950s

For many in this town, fall means Chelsea Football!  While you’re waiting for the Bulldog’s next game, jump back to the 1950s and take a look at these football pictures taken by Ralph Guenther, local photographer. 


This photo of Stan Knickerbocker was taken sometime in the 1950s.


Players and coaches study the plays (or, I suspect, pretend to for the photo). We don’t know the names of the people, or the exact date, but this photograph was taken sometime in the 1950s.


This picture and the two that follow it were taken on March 10 1959 for the Chelsea High School yearbook. I doubt they were playing football games in March, so it’s likely that these players suited up just for the camera.


Here’s the 1959 football team. This photo was also taken on March 10, 1959 for the CHS yearbook.

 As usual, if you are able to identify anyone in these photographs, email emeloche@chelseadistrictlibrary.org.

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The Bulldog Barks: Chewing Gum Drama


In the 1950s, Chelsea High School journalism students published “The Bulldog Barks,” a student newsletter.  This paper, as one might expect, covered the school events, featured students, and reported the scores of athletic games.  However, it also devoted an impressive amount of space to the biggest issue facing the school: chewing gum.

The reasons behind the no gum chewing rule were laid out in the March 11, 1952 edition of “The Bulldog Barks.” 


Though the reasons behind the rule seem reasonable, that doesn’t stop chewing gum from being the center of three of these listed pet peeves of the September 23, 1952 issue.


Chewing Gum was also an issue at the Junior High School, as noted by this snarky signed editorial on the Junior High News Page on October 27, 1953.


These articles are just three out of a countless number that deal with the controversy around the chewing-gum rules.  It is, without a doubt, the most represented topic in “The Bulldog Barks.”


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Baby Portraits: 1958

We’ve already featured some of the weddings documented by Chelsea-area photographer Ralph Guenther—but he did more than just weddings!  The majority of photographs Mr. Guenther took were portraits—and several were of some pretty adorable children.

Today we’ll look at highlights of portraits taken in 1958.  The only names we have associated with the photos are the names of the people who ordered them—who almost certainly aren’t the children pictured.  If you are able to identify any of these cuties, email emeloche@chelseadistrictlibrary.org.


Take a look at that grin! This photo was taken on May 24, 1958 and was ordered by Don Fritz.


This little guy seems pretty happy, too. Gotta love that bow-tie! This picture was taken on July 12, 1958 and was ordered by Mrs. D. Salyer.


Not all little ones were happy to get their photos taken, like this 8-month old. This photo was taken on November 6, 1958 and was ordered by Jim Clark.


This fella might be a little overwhelmed by the photography process, but he’s keeping his cool. This portrait was taken on October 24, 1958 and was ordered by Mrs. Carl Koch.


Mrs. Floyd Schneider ordered this picture, taken on October 22, 1958. I wonder what was happening behind the camera to get that reaction…


This young lady’s a little older than the other featured children, but how can you resist that smile? This photo was taken on September 9, 1958 and was ordered by M. Guenther. Perhaps this girl was related to the photographer?


Boy does this family portrait feature a lot of kids. Can you imagine taking care of that many little ones? This picture was taken on December 3, 1958 and was ordered by John Thomas.

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It’s summertime!

Happy First Day of Summer!  Get out there and enjoy some ice cream like these children in 1958.

This photograph of Chelsea’s Dairy Queen was taken by Ralph Guenther in 1958.

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1950s Weddings

It’s June, and the prime time for weddings is upon us!  Ralph Guenther was hired to photograph weddings from the 1950s-2000s.  Below are some highlights from weddings in the 1950s.

This photo is from Hal Schroeder's wedding, which took place sometime in the 1950s.


The date of this wedding and the names of the couple pictured is unknown.


This photo also comes from Hal Schroeder's wedding.


An action-shot from Geneva O'Dell's wedding, which took place on June 11, 1958.


The reception following Geneva O'Dell's wedding.


This comes from the Lantis wedding, which took place some time in the 1950s.

Beatrice Fawler feeds her new husband cake. This wedding took place on May 3, 1958.


The chalkboard behind the couple gives us their names and the month of their wedding. However, the year is unknown.
Reception band from an unknown 1950s wedding.

If you can identify any dates or people in these photographs, please email emeloche@chelseadistrictlibrary.org.

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