A pandemic has impacted the United States for the first time since the 1918 Spanish Flu, which lasted 15 months. Whether or not you or someone you love contracted COVID-19, the virus has affected us all. Some of these changes have been small, like a reduction in grocery store hours, while others have been considerably larger, like all schools, restaurants, and such being closed. The Chelsea District Library would like to archive the stories of Chelsea residents for future generations on http://storiesofchelsea.org/. If you have something you would like to contribute, whether it is a piece of writing with your pandemic musings, a diary, photographs that show how your life has changed, or a recorded testimonial, we welcome it.

If you’re not sure what type of stories you can contribute, below are some examples. You can contribute as many times and in as many formats as you would like.

– You can describe your life and/or your family’s life before, during, and after COVID-19. Has your employment or housing changed due to the pandemic? How has your social life changed?
– You can discuss the most difficult or worse adjustments in your life since COVID-19 began to spread. This may also include the transition back to work now that more businesses are opening. Have there been any positive changes?
– You can discuss your emotions, whether you feel worry, uncertainty, anxiety, thankfulness, etc. You can discuss how you cope.
– You can talk about how your children, parents, or other family members have reacted to this crisis. How do you stay connected with social distancing?
– Rather than talking about your life, you can discuss changes in your community and your reactions to them.
– If you are a first responder, essential worker, teacher, etc. you can discuss how your life and your household’s life has changed due to your career.
– Instead of a text document or an audio recording or visual recording, you can use photos, artwork, poems, and more to represent these topics or others.

Again, these topics are just examples and not all-encompassing of what you can share to the archive. If you’re still unsure or need help with file types, you can email ghopkins@chelseadistrictlibrary.org to discuss.

To submit your story, use the below form.