Palmer, Algernon Arthur

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Information provided by Martha Moore Indyke and Donna Palmer, granddaughter and niece-in-law of Dr. Algernon Palmer. Unfortunately there are no photos of Dr. Palmer from the war that his relatives could find.

Algernon Arthur Palmer was born May 12, 1891 in Chelsea to Dr. George and Ida Collins Palmer. He graduated from Chelsea High School in 1909 and followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a medical degree. He did his undergraduate work at Michigan State University and the University of Michigan and recieved his medical degree from the University of Michigan in 1917.

During World War I Dr. Palmer served as a war doctor with the rank of first lieutenant in the Medical Reserve Corp. He served at various camps throughout the US, including Fort Olgethorpe, Georgia and Camp Merritt, New Jersey. His cousin, Dr. Faye Palmer, also served during World War I.

After the war ended Dr. A. A. Palmer was named the first commander of the Herbert J. McKune American Legion Post 31 on July 28, 1919.

According to his family, Dr. Palmer was very dedicated to serving in the army. He served in both World Wars and tried to enlist for the Korean War but was turned away because of his age. Dr. Palmer was also an avid historian of the American Civil War and collected many artifacts from the war. Dr. Palmer died on December 15, 1971.

Learn more about Dr. A. A. Palmer by exploring the historic newspapers below:

Dr. Palmer receives his commission as First Lieutenant, mentioned here in the Chelsea Tribune, March 8, 1918

Dr. Palmer mentioned in the Chelsea Tribune, June 18, 1918.

This article from the Chelsea Tribune, July 23, 1918, mentions Dr. Palmer’s transfer to Camp Merritt, New Jersey.

Listed in the Chelsea Tribune, July 29, 1919 are the officers of the American Legion Post 31, which Dr. Palmer was named its first Commander.

Dr. Palmer’s obituary posted in the Chelsea Standard, December 12, 1971.

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