Ralph Guenther, longtime Chelsea photographer, was often  hired to take photos at Chelsea weddings.  Previously, we featured photographs from some of the weddings he worked in the 1950s; today, we’ll highlight photos from a single wedding.

On April 8, 1961, Donna Noah and Wilfred C. Lane were married at St. Paul’s church on Summit Street.  With Mrs. Lane’s permission, here are several photographs from their big day.

A few days before the weddings, Ralph Guenther would take pre-bridal portraits of the bride dressed in her finery. This photo of Donna Lane was taken on 3/29/1961.
The ladies are getting ready before the wedding.  From left to right: Bertha Hedderick (Wilfred’s aunt), Esther Noah (Donna’s mom), Donna, JoAnne Beerbower, Francis Lane (Wilfred’s sister), Jennifer Lane.
Donna enters the church with her father Laurence Noah, Jennifer (flower-girl) and Francis (Maid-of-Honor).

Wilfred and Donna walk down the aisle as man and wife.
Posing with family. From left to right: Laurence Noah, Esther Noah, Donna Lane, Wilfred C. Lane, Bertha Hedderick.

The wedding party. From left to right: JoAnne Beerbower, Frederick Belser, Francis Lane, Donna Lane, Wilfred C. Lane, Duane Noah, Charles H. Lane, Lynwood Noah. Front: Jennifer Lane, Charles C. Lane

Les Eisenbeiser, Penny Eisenbeiser, and Tom Eisenbeiser decorated the car Donna and Wilfred would ride to the reception.

The two rode off to the reception which was hosted in Laurence and Esther Noah’s house.

Helen Johndro (middle) reaching up to catch the bouquet. On the far left is Darlene Beyer.  Right of Helen is Irene Stofer Hogan, Janice Fitzsimons, and Lynn Boham.

The couple honeymooned in New York, just missing the spring blizzard that hit Chelsea on April 10.