Howe, James Gregory

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James Gregory Howe

 Photo and information provided by Barbara Byrne and Tom Jenkins, granddaughter and grandson-in-law of James Gregory Howe. 

James Gregory Howe was born March 12, 1896 in Chelsea, the son of Michael James Howe and Mary Ellen Wade. Prior to being called for service in the war, James served as a member of the 26th Company, 7th Battalion, 160th Depot Brigade of the Michigan National Guard. Once he joined the regular army in 1917, James entered Company B of the 125th U.S. Infantry, 32nd (“Red Arrow”) Division. James returned after the war and married Helena Matilda Hanson on May 21, 1921. They had three children, Marie Ellen Howe, Shirley Anne Howe, and Gwendolyn Agnes Howe. James Howe passed away on November 27, 1979 at the age of 74. 

A reprinting of a letter James sent to his grandparents, printed in the Chelsea Tribune.


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